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Baby Yoga

Children are great imitators,so give them something great to imitate

Baby Yoga With Caroline

As your baby gets older and becomes physically stronger, they will be ready for Baby Yoga. This is normally at about 10-12 weeks, just as they are showing signs of head control, becoming more alert and engaged.

In a fun and lively atmosphere, with lots of laughter, you will learn moves and actions to encourage your baby’s strength, development, co-ordination and muscle tone.
Many of the actions are carried out in conjunction with nursery rhymes and songs. If your memory of these songs is rather rusty, you can learn them all over again, and maybe a few new ones too!


Don’t panic, we will not be doing anything extreme like “planks”, but I will show you lots of positions and stretches to encourage your baby’s body to stretch and have fun. Their body is no longer folding into a foetal position; all the muscles are now elongating and strengthening. They are doing a lot of hard work, growing and changing!

During this time Baby Yoga is particularly advantageous as it helps to build up these muscles and relieve any stiffness or aching that baby might experience.

Baby Yoga will also give you the confidence to truly interact with your baby in a way that you could not have imagined. Your playtime will be more exciting and you will be helping your baby’s physical, social, and general development, while continuing your lovely bond.

Baby Yoga Classes

All Baby Yoga classes are suitable from 3 months plus, and can be done in a group or on a one-to-one basis. Classes are usually held in Caroline’s home in Chiswick W4, and can be held in the comfort of your own home if requested. Classes are very relaxed and informal with plenty of time for you to meet and chat with other new parents.
Both morning and afternoon classes are held several times a week, in Chiswick, London W4.

For class times and availability, private classes or more information, contact Caroline.

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